Video: Crazy gathering of Russian domainers!

After interviewing ‘Aleksei’, the first known Russian domainer outside of the infamous Sergei Putanov, it’s time to view a video of a domainer party in Russia. These guys and girls are having a great time, partying like there is no tomorrow. They surely look like a Russian domain gang! 😀 As Sergei Putanov once said, […]

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From Russia with love: Interview with a Russian Domainer

Covering an area of over 6.6 million square miles, Russia is the world’s largest country by landmass. It includes nine different time zones and shares land borders with 14 neighboring countries. With a population of 143.5 million, Russia is also the home of numerous domain investors, one of which we have the pleasure of interviewing […]

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Sergei Putanov: Why I offered $900 million for the Castello domains

Sergei Putanov, the Russian multi-billionaire real estate and domain investor, needs no introduction; the eccentric oligarch often engages in non-traditional investments. After buying the Greek Skorpios island, Sergei Putanov was involved in a much publicized lawsuit over the domain; now he’s back and ready to make waves once again. Our correspondent in Russia, Nikolai […]

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Russian ccTLD tops list of most virus infected country domains

When it comes down to the number of top new virus infections, Russia and its dot .RU ccTLD tops the list. According to data provided by Avast antivirus, during the past 30 days, dot .RU domains provided 4,563 new infections. Germany is second with 1,368 and Brazil third, with 977 new infections. Meanwhile, in terms […]

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Russian drama: Sergei Putanov files UDRP over Moscow.Plumbing domain

Russian multi-billionaire domain investor and land developer, Sergei Putanov, is making headlines once again in Russia; and it’s not about the Sochi Olympics. Sergei Putanov is long vested in controversial gTLD applications, such as dot .prostitute in Cyrillic, and the latest drama involves the domain name Moscow.Plumbing, by Donuts, Inc. Our correspondent in Russia, Nikolai […]

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Hello I Dasha: Galina Burtsuova and Russian brides for all domainers!

A while back we listed a series of funny, yet desperate Russian spam emails arriving in the form of Russian personals. In our article, Ludmilla Krayova, is an imaginary Russian bride, with a beautiful face and sizable “assets” that would easily classify her as a British tabloid girl. We now have a new Russian bride, […]

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Priviet, domainers. Is Sergei Putanov, Lucius asked write review on domain so I do. And happy news from Russia. I slept Sunday night after sex with Ukrainian prostitute, then realized potential of In Russia we say beauty is a dog needs big bone and is most valuable in the world. I will buy […]

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First gTLD approved by ICANN: .Communism returns with Sergei Putanov

ICANN ends the year (and the decade) with a big bang: the first approval of a gTLD launch, as early as in January of 2011. To commemorate the 87 years since the passing of Vladimir Lenin, the approval of .Communism has been cleared by the ICANN committee with a resounding 45 for, 5 against vote […]

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