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UDRP decision: Randazza Legal Group to receive all domains squatted by Reverend Crystal Cox

IP attorney Marc Randazza of the Randazza Legal Group has prevailed at the WIPO, today. In a case involving several personal domain names registered by blogger and marketing/SEO specialist, Reverend Crystal Cox, the decision comes as a bold statement about squatting domains of famous or important people for profit. The UDRP ends thus: “[…] the […]

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Father Domainicus: Those that register the URL of a 3 year old are evil

Good Sunday evening, my brothers and sisters in domaining. This is Father Domainicus with a short and sweet message. As I pulled my chair in front of my computer, despite having mowed the lawn earlier at the local church festival, I could not help but ponder on the evil in people. Some sassy lass from […]

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Domainer advocate Marc Randazza on CNN

Las Vegas based attorney Marc Randazza, runs the popular law blog The Legal Satyricon. The blog centers around law, freedom of speech issues, technology and – surprise, surprise – domain names and the universe of issues that bring along, such as cybersquatting, UDRP cases and trademarks. Distinguished for his sharp sense of humor and licensed […]

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