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Uniregistry: Who’s running your back end?

Another creative – and hilarious – ad in the Uniregistry campaign was revealed today. The so-called “elevator pitch” ads are framed inside the elevators of the primary expo for ICANN50. The first one, titled “We run Santa’s namespace“, was equally fun to review. 😀 Simply brilliant! Clearly  making a pun on “back end”, the ad […]

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Uniregistry: We run Santa’s domain namespace

A very creative ad campaign from Uniregistry, the brand new domain registrar and back-end provider, was revealed at ICANN 50 in London. The campaign features two gTLD assets of Uniregistry, dot .Christmas and dot .Gift, with the motto “If we can run Santa’s namespace, we can run yours.” Needless to say, Santa is pointing that […]

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