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Dumblr.com – Universal Studios bought domain for ‘Dumb and Dumber To’

In September of last year, the announcement of the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber To‘ introduced the matching .com domain, as secured by the producers of the movie. The big surprise came a few days ago, when the official trailer for the movie arrived.   Universal Studios, the film monolith producing the movie, used a different […]

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Universal Studios – Bad domain letters don’t scare us

If you haven’t heard of the Halloween Horror Nights that take place every year at the Universal Studios in Florida and California, you need to break away a little bit from the family-safe Disney experience. Geared towards adults mostly, the event is too intense for young kids and even teenagers, as it combines the various […]

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Bionic Woman takes a giant leap forward at Namejet

BionicWoman.com was sold at Namejet today, ending at a hopelessly low $557 – this is a far cry from the $6 million that Bionic Man originally cost to fully repair. Which brings up this question: What’s wrong America? Women aren’t compensated equally yet? Obama, do something. And another thing: a registered trademark by Universal Studios […]

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