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Chinese domain sales : Might as well have some wine …

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

China’s economy does not look too good lately; the numbers are on the wall for all to see.

China’s Shanghai Composite share index dropped more than 6% on Thursday and there seems to be very little energy to recover from a week of New Year celebrations.

But don’t blame the Chinese investors for their country’s government actions or lack thereof.

Corruption among many Chinese officials is high, despite very heavy penalties when charged with such a crime, including life imprisonment or even death.

Domain investors in China speculate on the longevity of domain assets, and the market is in lukewarm waters lately.

Despite what you might hear from the usual “hype and pump” gallery, Chinese domain sales perform well when focused on short, 2 to 4 character, .CN or .COM domains.

Are the rest of the TLDs and gTLDs junk? We believe so, as far as true, long term investments in China go.

Today’s list of transactions among the Chinese is pitiful; here are the domains:


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  1. That is why I only broker short domains

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