CNNIC : Best choice for kicking off the Chinese domain market

CNNIC, a Chinese domain registry with 18 years of operational experience in China, was actively present at NamesCon 2016.

The company cooperates with over 100 domain registrars and thousands of domain resellers; it has achieved over 15 million .CN and .中國 (China in traditional Chinese characters, DNS name xn--fiqz9s) domain names.

We found the CNNIC exhibit to be staffed by friendly personnel, eager to answer questions about China as an emerging domain market. The exceptional growth of .CN made the friendly folks at CNNIC extremely proud about their country’s online presence. 😀

China’s .CN overtook Germany’s .DE recently, as the number one ccTLD in the world.


We asked questions about the blocking of certain western portals, such as Google and Facebook in China.

A few milliseconds of awkward pause later, we were told that China is welcoming every company that passes the standards set by the country’s governing authority; a challenge many domain companies are also facing.

When it comes down to the recent proliferation of short “pinyin” domain names, we were told that it cannot be easily explained!

The CNNIC staff was definitely in agreement with a recent poll we conducted among the Chinese, that elevated numeric domains higher than invented “pinyin” combinations.


Yi Zhang of CNNIC was extremely helpful with our questions during NamesCon 2016.

CNNIC engaged with the NamesCon attendees like a natural, despite making its debut in a western organized domain conference.

They also gave away hundreds of colorful USB reading lamps! 😀

For more information on CNNIC, visit their web site at CNNIC.CN.

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