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CNNIC releases .CN domain registration numbers : Over 20 million domains

CNNIC has updated the number of registered .CN domains, and it’s well over 20 million. The Chinese domain authority shared the February 2017 report, that breaks down the numbers as follows: Total *.CN domains: 20,868,593. The .CN TLD accounted for 76.3% and 15,915,980 domain names, with .COM.CN in the second place with 2,530,714 domains, or […]

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Chinese domain market report : China’s investment in .CN explodes

In January, during NamesCon, the Chinese domain registrar CNNIC proudly announced that .CN is the largest ccTLD in the world. At the time, more than 14 million .CN domains were “in circulation,” having surpassed Germany’s .DE registrations. The number is considerably higher now, as the domain market and investment in .CN domains has exploded. According […]

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CNNIC : Best choice for kicking off the Chinese domain market

CNNIC, a Chinese domain registry with 18 years of operational experience in China, was actively present at NamesCon 2016. The company cooperates with over 100 domain registrars and thousands of domain resellers; it has achieved over 15 million .CN and .δΈ­εœ‹ (China in traditional Chinese characters, DNS name xn--fiqz9s) domain names. We found the CNNIC […]

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