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Joint Ventures: Guerilla marketing takes the .com to Google heights


Some great news: JointVentures.com, the elite domain leasing & business generating venue of Rick Schwartz, has entered the Google Top 10 chart.

Despite its initial, laggard launch, JointVentures.com is now at the #4 spot, when searching for “joint ventures” in Google.

What a remarkable achievement, and a direct success of marketing copywriter, Danny Welsh, who took the project off the ground!

So what led to this rapid ascent of JointVentures.com to the echelons of Google search results?

Unlike Candy.com, which has disappeared from the Google index for that particular keyword, “joint ventures” is a two word composite; as such, the density of the keyword is squared – mathematically speaking.

By slicing up the initial monumental copy about domain leasing that existed on JointVentures.com, Danny Welsh also provided daily content on Rick’s blog, driving more relevant traffic to the web site.

While type-in traffic is important, organic search results are worth their weight in gold.

Congratulations to Rick and Danny for this achievement; soon to take over the Google #1 spot! 😀

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