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Why is Mike Mann so harsh with #GoDaddy?


Domain investor, Mike Mann

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann, is an out-of-the-box thinker, and most definitely outspoken.

The founder of Phone.com, DomainMarket and the Make Change! Trust has openly criticized GoDaddy for their off-target domain valuations.

Mike calls the GoDaddy app a “scambot,” and provides proof of it by sharing domain sales data.

In recent days, Mike Mann invited GoDaddy to a remarkable challenge: he offered to take control of the Registrar’s 2 million domains, and manage their fate and sales for maximum ROI.

In doing so, Mike confronted Paul Nicks, VP of Aftermarket at GoDaddy on Twitter. He now explains why he’s so rough on GoDaddy:

The reason I’m so rough on Godaddy is due to one rotten egg there, who screwed me over badly on multiple occasions over a long period (which also harms the charities I help); illegal and costs me a fortune; among his many other illegal acts elsewhere

Mike Mann continues on the subject of his antipathy for GoDaddy:

[…] and who public company Godaddy is fully aware of; who of course I was never going to let walk; I never let anyone screw me over and walk; lesson for those still in debted, or broke the law at my expense, or harmed my daughter. I’ll be back, in spades; bet on it.

So who is the person at GoDaddy that screwed Mike Mann over?

It could be someone from middle management or sales, or an account manager – Mike Mann would not be specific at this time, but this might change in the future.

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4 Responses to “Why is Mike Mann so harsh with #GoDaddy?”
  1. Jay says:

    I agree with him, go daddy is harming us all, how come people can’t grasp that automating the value of anything as abstract as domains is harmful to domainers.

    I won’t post on a few sites, most recently DNW because they allow off-topic spammers bash some ideals freely and quickly, while moderate people like me, whom pump truth. Soon, they will be broke and viewed as a cesspool, and no one will want to read their manipulative agenda, misguiding investors. Throttle the truth, let the SHIT flow through, they’re sounding a lot like you. I’m sure you don’t know squat about domaining judging by your confusion on the topic of bot appraisals.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Jay – We’re here to report the news and comment on people’s angles with domains. If you’re having a rough Friday, it’s going to be ok man! Let some steam out, get a couple of beers, and DOMAIN ON!

  3. Mike says:

    How many times a week do I hear newly so called domain experts telling me they had a valuation done on the domain by godaddy’s beta value tool, which means it is worth this value.

    Godaddy’s tool says beachfun.com is worth $2,xxx, why do they have it listed for $15K, those weasels!

    They are just trying to induce more sales on the crap names, if you look when they auction names they value them higher than their beta tool. so much wrong there. I swear the day a class action gets brought against them, they will fix all their mistakes.

  4. Jorge Castro says:

    Hi there:

    So then, he was butt-h*rts that Godaddy never accepted his crazy proposal and now he talks bad about Godaddy.

    Godaddy valuation is automatic and it’s always off-chart. If we use other valuation tools then it is the same. The valuation is just a suggestion, not a fact.

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