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OnlineDomain: Greek domain blogger celebrates 10 years in Domaining

Kostas, a domain investor from Greece, first registered domain names in the late 90’s, while he was a student in the UK. These initial domain registrations were simply made in order to build web sites about Athens, Greece along with a fellow student. While the web sites were never finished, Kostas started investing in domains […]

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zixun.www.net.cn – Chinese domain copycats busy at work

About time for another DomainGang editorial. Shane Cultra wrote an interesting article a couple of days ago, about “the value of unique.” I fully agree, creativity comes at a premium and those that can churn out copy – per the old school approach – will always come on top of those that simply copy and […]

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Screenshots.com project exposes Domainers’ lack of anti-SOPA participation

Screenshots.com – the project operated by top domain WHOIS tool DomainTools – exposed the percentage of anti-SOPA participation by domain bloggers. The result, a staggering 1.5%. 🙁 Of all domainer blogs and services, only Francois of Valuate.com and NameBee.com shut down their services in protest. “Sopa mean soup in Spanish and dad from Spain so […]

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Two weeks without Rick Schwartz!

It’s been two weeks already without any blog posts from the domain king, Rick Schwartz. Rick’s decision to stop blogging has hit the domain blogosphere severely, and many are getting uneasy about the situation. Below are some statements made by domain bloggers about this continuing blogging embargo by Rick: Morgan Linton: Every day I check […]

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How to become an Expert Domainer despite having no clue what you’re doing

The fun part about domaining is that it resembles a Middle Eastern bazaar. Those that yell about their wares or other offers the loudest, end up attracting the endless hordes of lazy, shoe-shuffling crowds around them. A large percentage of people that indulge into domaining these days are also self-appointed “experts” in several fields: development, […]

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