ERT drama: Greek Radio and Television employees circumvent domain hijacking

Thank Zeus for the Registry! 😀 An ingenious move by sacked employees and European affiliates of the now dissolved Greek Radio and Television, is fighting back at the hijacking of a .GR domain by the Greek Government. While all traffic for is being null-routed by ForthNet managers of the .GR ccTLD, on command […]

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Greek government still holds .GR domain hostage!, a domain registered by a private individual, remained hijacked by the Greek government, more than a week after its registration. By instructing ForthNet – the Greek domain Registry – to alter the “A records” for the domain, the Greek government rushed to keep offline, in an apparent attempt to silence the opposing television […]

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ERT drama continues: Greek government hijacks domain traffic

BREAKING NEWS: The Greek Council of State has decided that the public broadcaster should remain open during its restructuring, requesting that all ERT frequencies and websites be restored immediately. Source link. The shutting down of the Greek national radio and television network (ERT) for reasons of restructuring, was met by immediate resistance by the agency employees and […]

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For several years now, the registry has been serving the Greek domain market as a smart alternate to the Greek ccTLD, .gr. While the ccTLD, .gr has reduced the ‘red tape’ involved in the registration of .gr domains, the sublevel domain names are cheaper and instant to own. Two days ago, we delivered […]

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In a surprise move earlier today, the Greek government announced the immediate closure of its national radio and television network, citing reorganization reasons., the Greek national Radio and Television web site was also turned off, while a total of 2,656 employees were terminated, pending layoff compensations per the law. Thousands of protesters took to […]

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