web address: 180 lbs of ice left marks on Jared’s head!

Jared Ewy of is a remarkable individual, and that’s not only because he is a stand up comedian. When took the ice bucket challenge, Jared volunteered, receiving 180 lbs of ice on his shaved head! Damn! This insane amount of solidified and liquid water apparently left lots of bruises on Jared’s head, but […]

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Video: Bob Parsons gets squeaky clean for ALS ice bucket challenge

GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, took on a full 10 buckets of ice water, for the ALS ice bucket challenge. Totaling several gallons of ice water, the feat was recorded on video, particularly as every bucket represented $10,000 dollars for a grand total of $100,000 dollars donated. Wow. That’s a lot of wasted water, Bob! Just […]

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Video: King Panks takes the domainer ice bucket challenge!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Pankaj Sharma, recently took the ice bucket challenge. Just like’s Jared Ewy before him, Pankaj – whose online brand is King Panks – filled up a nicely sized bucket with cold water and ice cubes, then proceeded with pouring it over his head. The seemingly silly act of self icing […]

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Domain investor Sergei Putanov takes the ice bucket challenge !

Russian domain multi-billionaire investor, Sergei Putanov, is known for his extreme virility and resistance to pain. Many years of training in the Siberian tundra where he develops properties for the Russian elite, have given Sergei Putanov the strength of a bear – that is the reason he named his hedge fund investor company, Russian Bear […]

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The Ice Bucket Challenge is the ultimate provocation among peers, that gained viral status on Facebook. Once the idiots setting themselves on fire realized the game wasn’t as cool, the new focus is the challenge of receiving a bucket of ice or ice and water, top to bottom. You get wet and get the chills […]

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