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Bodis rolls out new domain Escrow and Inquiry pages

Bodis, the extensive PPC and domain monetization system, has been expanding on its current services. After several weeks of testing, two new landers have been rolled out to the Bodis account holders: “We have recently launched our new “For Sale” landing pages for parked domains. These new forms have been drastically improved in both aesthetics […]

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VooDoo went down!

The secretive parking company, VooDoo was temporarily down earlier today, as confirmed by the uptime service, Down For Everyone Or Just Me Spawned off Parked.com but having no current affiliation, the PPC company is producing good results for many domainers who prefer to park their domains away from Sedo. Hopefully this glitch won’t be repeated […]

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What Frank Schilling meant to say – the video

In his widely-accepted post from a couple of days ago, uber-domainer Frank Schilling quoted oilman/philanthropist Jean Paul Ghetty and his interview to Playboy magazine in the 60’s. While Jean Paul Ghetty’s statements represent a man fighting an uphill battle of survival in the cut-throat oil industry at the turn of the 20th century, Frank Schilling’s […]

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