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#Sony #domains : Locomotion.com dropped and #SnapNames caught it!

Sony Pictures fumbled the corporate ball with Locomotion.com, a formerly aged domain that was once part of its media and television stable. Registered in 1997, Locomotion.com was used for Locomotion, the TV channel by the same name, acquired by Sony. “Locomotion was a TV channel dedicated to Anime and Western animation, broadcasting movies and TV […]

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Sony: No ‘swag’ for domainer newbie in what could be the most clueless UDRP response ever!

Elliot Silver wrote an article about “newbies” in the domain industry risking to lose a lot of money, and this is a textbook example. Sony Corporation is a titan in electronics, and audio-visual technology. If you never heard of the world famous “SONY” trademark, then you need to have you head checked pronto! In a […]

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Domainer beware: Vultures prey on generics

No sooner did we announce that the cash-strapped University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign considers putting its ultra-generic domain, Tech.com on the market for sale – the vultures rushed in. Smelling fresh domainer flesh, the predators started lowballing this magnificent and truly ancient domain that was registered in 1992. “I’ll give you a suitcase full of […]

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