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XYZ : To the top of Kilimanjaro with the help of a Domainer ‘sherpa’

Despite a stingy situation that involves a lawsuit filed against it by Verisign, the XYZ Registry is gearing up to ascend new peaks. Last month, we covered the upcoming climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro by iron-kneed domainer, Ian Clark. Ian’s attempting to climb the tallest mountain in Africa, hoping to raise money for WaterSchool. One cannot […]

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XYZ Registry seals ground-breaking deal with North Korea

Always inventive in its marketing approach to delivering meaningful, generic gTLDs to the masses, the XYZ Registry announced today a ground-breaking deal with the government of North Korea. The agreement introduces the citizens of North Korea, long deprived of any Internet access or other online experience, to premium, quality .XYZ domains. “Kim Jong-un, Supreme leader […]

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Porn.XYZ : Was it sold in a private transaction by the XYZ Registry?

There are very few keywords that carry over their worth across every TLD, gTLD or ccTLD – one of which is “porn.” While Porn.xxx was sold by the ICM Registry for an undisclosed amount in the hundreds of thousands, the new gTLDs are so far non adult, and their Registries have retained “porn” as part […]

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XYZ continues its “domain freebiethon” with other domain registrars

Not content with giving away 232,000 free .XYZ domains via Network Solutions, the “generation XYZ” domain Registry is now reaching out to other, lesser Registrars with similar offers. In its latest newsletter, EuroDNS offers “1000 free domain names” waiving the fee for the XYZ domain of your choice, for the first year: “Beating the drum […]

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Bullshit ‘XYZ’ campaign at Network Solutions coming to an end

After exactly 10 days and almost 100,000 registrations later, it appears that the XYZ promotion at Network Solutions is coming to an end. As analyzed by the experts at HosterStats, the Network Solutions ‘DNA’ of .XYZ registrations does not match that of any other gTLD; the mass campaign to inflate the XYZ numbers via robo-registrations […]

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