Top 5 from GreatDomains : Sedo auctions for July are now live

Sponsored by Sedo* The GreatDomains auction for the month of July is on; Sedo has been running these monthly domain auctions of quality inventory. July’s domain list contains 43 domains currently – we aren’t sure if the number will increase. For now, here’s our choice of Top 5 names from the Sedo inventory of GreatDomains: […]

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Ali Zandi : Big bucks as a NameBright banner star!

Domain broker, Ali Zandi, is once again killing it; this time around, he didn’t have to sell a single domain. After dropping a bunch of .XYZ domains, Ali needed some quick cash, and instead of brokering yet another six figure sale, he did something extraordinary. “Industry leader, DropCatch, contacted me to appear in a series […]

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Why the Uniregistry App is NOT the #1 domain app on Google Play

The Uniregistry App has received many accolades for its ability to combine domain registration and management services. Once you get a Uniregistry account, the Android version of the app that we’ve tested and use, becomes indispensable. Since the addition of the Uniregistry Market on the app, the paradigm of domain selling has shifted as well. […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : The Castello Brothers’ former domain gem

DNJournal broke the news about being acquired by BrandIT, for an undisclosed sum. While this exchange involves a fully functioning business that includes officers, employees and inventory, the domain has an interesting side-story. was sold to the domain brokerage by the Castello Brothers a few years ago, for an undisclosed amount. We […]

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XYZ Registry applies for .Covfefe gTLD and trademark

The XYZ Registry is once again breaking the proverbial mold, with an ICANN application for dot .Covfefe at the gTLD level. Riding the coat-tails of a popular meme by Donald Trump’s tweet, the XYZ Registry has grand plans for this new extension. Daniel Negari, CEO and founder of the XYZ Registry, stated: “As a domain […]

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All your domains are come from us : XYZ trademark application

Domain trademarks are good to have, and the XYZ Registry has applied for a mark on a phrase that’s a meme variant: “All your domains are come from us.” The phrase is grammatically incorrect intentionally, and we’re not trying to be a grammar nazi; it’s just the way it is. The applied for trademark is […]

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Alert: is a stolen domain name

The domain name has been stolen, and its current registrant is under investigation. They allege that they bought the domain on a Turkish domain forum. Mr. Lloyd Joseph, of the Technology Group, a Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Provider in the UK, confirmed the theft with us yesterday. “It is a company asset, and we’d like […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. confirmed to be the largest domain sale in history has been confirmed to have been the largest domain sale in history, with a staggering $872,320,000 dollar valuation. Domain investor, George Kirikos, provided this number two years ago, and is once again quoting the numbers from the latest financial statement: In connection with our acquisition by Parent, we have an intangible asset with […]

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Chinese domain market report : Humanoid robot has both looks and smarts

The Chinese have developed a female humanoid, a robot that looks very much human, which interacts intelligently with speech. Jia Jia ponders life, the universe and human relationships. Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired magazine spoke with Jia Jia over Skype, and translations from English to Mandarin and vice versa were automated. Jia […]

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Rightside video : Combating 5 myths about the new gTLDs

Rightside held a live session yesterday, titled “Combating 5 myths about the new gTLDs.” Along with it, Jebidiah Burnett and Marc Gawith cover some of the most pressing headlines in domains. The acquisition of registrar eNom and what it means for you What makes a good or bad domain name for end users The five […]

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Francois closes down, relocates – plus membership discounts

French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, announced some news today, about changes to his domain-related projects. Valuate, an automated domain valuation system, will be relocating its functions to The domain is now available for sale, as is, via the domain sales platform. Francois wants to take advantage of the traffic popularity of […]

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NamesCon poll results : Domain investors don’t like wearing pants!

A NamesCon 2017 poll’s results about wearing pants while working from home is in; the stats are quite staggering. 78% of large .com portfolio holders don’t wear pants or other lower garments. 11% “free-ball” at least 5 days a week, quite possibly on the weekends too. 10% wear pants or shorts, or Capris, jeans, khakis […]

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