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Bananaman: The Legendary JP and the secret of his Domainer Success

Bananaman – The Legendary JP – A domain legend!

There are domainer legends and there are domainer legends!

Meet Joshua Pelissero, a Canadian domainer with a lengthy track record of locating and recovering stolen domains.

Known by the monikers “The Legendary JP” or “Bananaman”, Joshua flipped numerous quality domains – starting in 2004.

The Legendary JP took a break from his busy schedule and answered the DomainGang questions – this is an exclusive mini interview with the famous “Bananaman”.

Welcome to DomainGang, Josh. Please tell our readers how did you start with domains & why “The Legendary JP” name?

I started domaining in 2004 after watching a superbowl ad for Godaddy. I got serious the following year. I picked up the name ” TheLegendaryJP” from other domainers who thought what I pulled off was ” legendary” , my initials are of course J.P. My nickname later changed to “BananaMan” but thats a longer story, no pun intended 😉

I remember that DNForum avatar of the dancing banana and to be honest, it annoyed me so I’m glad you go by “The Legendary JP” these days. What about your first big sale – was it at a forum or a direct sale via cold calling?

My first big sale was just $4k, I say that because that was the trade that launched me. It was a LLL .net I paid $500 for, sold for $4k, used that $4k to buy BS.net and resold for $15k [in 2006]. The rest is history. I might add that before that trade I had spent $800 on new reg’s that I let all expire after one year, it was a quick learning curve and if I had more patience I could have saved that $800.

Sounds like you learned from your mistakes and re-invested in quality domains, which paid back manyfold, eh? But are Canadian domainers different from US domainers in how they approach domaining?

I don’t think we are all that different, maybe slight differences in looks, dress, manners, women, smarts and overall success but besides that the Americans are just like us or getting close. 😀

JP, don’t forget the shotgunning of beer, gorging on poutine and obsessing about hockey, eh? Or that in a part of Canada they speak French! Would you support a TLD for Quebec?

I would support a TLD for Quebec, that would have to be governed by someone other than CIRA of course LOL

I hear Montreal is known for its fine women, better-looking than the French. What else would you like to add?

I’d like to add there are a few people I’d like to thank for my start and their help. John Berryhill led me to Zak Muscovitch, greatest Canadian domain attorney by far. Fellow domainers who regularly post and help those with questions and last but not least my family for stop asking me what it is I do 🙂

Thank you for the interview, JP. Any “legendary” domains you’re currently selling?
MDN.com – a 1994 registration, 7500-9000 uv a month, $24k BIN! Email: jdpnetwork@cogeco.ca

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6 Responses to “Bananaman: The Legendary JP and the secret of his Domainer Success”
  1. James says:

    JP is an honest, straight as an arrow domainer. Glad to read he’s having success after success these days.

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks for the fun Lucius and thank you James for your kind words. In regards to helping recover stolen names, I only started because I had one stolen from me early on ( HI.net)… since that time I have helped recover MANY LLL .com, over 30 in one case 3 years ago, P2P.com ( gathered info and exposed theif ), two LL .com, LN .com a handful of generics, likely 50+ names in total. Along the way learned some tricks to it and unfortunately the sad stories that go along with those that are not recovered. Some tricks, know the legal reps at the registrars ( she is gone now but there was a lady at GD who was GREAT! ). Immediately contact your registrar when you notice its stolen, if they wont lock it contact your lawyer and for a minimal fee they can be given notice to do so. The biggest issue arises once its transfered, at that point it is a huge fight, not impossible but rather not go there. I have managed to get these names returned without legal help, just pure desire to help a victim. The members at DNF are a huge part of what I occassionally do and more than half the time it is a community effort!

  3. Anthony says:

    Joshua Pelissero seems like a good, talented man, a man of character, sort of reminds me of another good looking Italian-Canadian, Mr. Michael Buble.

  4. Jeff says:

    No 100% logo? A pity, because it all seems so true…

  5. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Jeff – The 100% logo was added about 3 weeks later.

  6. I concur on Montreal!!

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