New #GoDaddy video not chauvinist enough, according to #domain veterans

A properly sexy GoDaddy video from the past.

The new GoDaddy video fails to reek of blatant male chauvinism and sexism, and that’s the plain truth from the mouth of veteran domain investors.

Long known for its T&A approach to visualizing life and domain names, GoDaddy’s commercials used to incorporate females with ample bosoms and spectacular derrieres. Men were still men, and women were still women.

How times have changed!

“I miss those good old days damn it, that’s the GoDaddy we all loved and were proud to register domain names at,” said Bob Jagoff, domain investor and tattoo parlor executive.

“When you see this new video it’s almost as if they copied after Uniregistry: serene, empowering transitions of color that stimulate growth and the harmonious co-existence of all genders in the workplace, I freaking hate it!” exclaimed Bob Jagoff.

Millions of small business owners rely on registrars for their domain names, and GoDaddy tops the numbers. This video, however, seems to have struck a low note with the old school domainers.

“If I wanted to see this type of motivational exuberance I’d watch the Uniregistry dot .Sexy video,” said Mike B., a domainer from Panama, adding: “For better or worse, the days of big, juicy titties are gone at GoDaddy!”

To watch the GoDaddy video, click here. Or just enjoy the Uniregistry dot .Sexy video from 2013, when it was still cool to be sexy.

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