Two weeks have passed without any #domain posts from Rick Schwartz!

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

It has been two full weeks without any posts from the Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

The retired founder of the TRAFFIC domain conference, last posted tidbits of wisdom about planting seeds daily.

Since October 12th, however, there has been nothing but complete silence from Rick, who disabled or deleted his Twitter account at the end of 2017.

After scoring numerous domain sales, Rick might as well take some much-needed time off, in the North Carolina mountains.

Or perhaps he’s somewhere else around the globe; Rick’s preference for organized cruises in the Caribbean could explain his current absence from active blogging.

We are not aware of any particular domain names that Rick Schwartz might have registered recently, and he might as well be taking a full break from domain investing.

The bottom line is that many domain investing pioneers often take a break from the typically argumentative and often toxic domain industry, simply to clear their minds.

Let’s hope the Domain King returns soon, refreshed and ready to take on new joint ventures! 😀

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