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Chainz.com closed at five figures yo!

DropCatch is off the chain, selling Chainz.com for five figures at a dropped domain auction today. That’s an interesting drop, as the domain was once listed at Brandbucket for $13,995 dollars. The auction’s winner, China-based Alibackorders, bid $11,835 dollars instead. Chainz.com was a 21 year old “mature” domain when it dropped and there’s very little […]

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China wins 22678.COM : Sold for $15,755 dollars on #DropCatch

Five digit .com domain, 22678.com, was auctioned off on DropCatch, where it closed at $15,755 dollars. The NNNNN .com dropped unexpectedly in August, and DropCatch caught it. Numeric domains attract Chinese domain investors like bees to pollen, and this time around Alibackorders won it. There was some final crossing of swords with another of China’s […]

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#DropCatch : Half of #China’s investors are bidding on #Pudong.com!

Pudong is a district of Shanghai, China, and the domain name Pudong.com is currently being auctioned. Pudong.com was originally registered in 1998, and its Chinese registrant somehow lost control of the domain name’s renewals. The domain expired, and eventually it dropped. The auction is taking place on DropCatch – where else – with lots of […]

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