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Apple grabs Appla.com in quick and dirty UDRP

The odds sided with technology giant, Apple, when the sole panelist, Manuel Moreno-Torres, delivered his judgement about the domain name Appla.com. Citing confusing similarity to its world famous mark, Apple filed a UDRP at the WIPO in April. In particular, Apple’s contention was as follows: “In relation to the first element, the Complainant states that […]

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Flippa: Starting 2012 with yet another Trademark Violation listing

It’s the new year and it’s ridiculous that Flippa.com – the Australian domain auction platform – continues to allow obvious trademark violations on its marketplace. An example can be found here. Famous marks, like Apple’s iPhone are protected aggressively; Flippa maintains that unless the trademark holder complains, they won’t do anything. The problem is, once […]

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Fun Sunday with Flippa: Trademark violations

Here’s a short compiled list of trademark violations sold or for sale on Flippa. The Australian domain auction house where domain investors are being talked down, according to Andrew Knibbe‘s post at John Chow’s pro-Blog seems unwilling to utilize any resources in order to exclude obvious trademark violations from its marketplace. The end result: serial […]

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