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Domain crime : #FBI and Europol shut down #xDedic criminal network

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, working along with Europol and other European authorities in Belgium and Ukraine, shut down the notorious Xdedic marketplace. Since 2014, the criminal facility provided access to tens of thousands of compromised servers of companies and private individuals that were hacked via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Criminal buyers and sellers […]

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Domain crime : Omed.com is a stolen domain name

For years, cybercriminals have been targeting domain owners to take over valuable domains. The number of domain theft incidents has skyrocketed since 2014, after an ICANN-mandated account verification led to the creation of spoofed, “phishing” email campaigns mimicking legitimate registrar requests. In the case of Omed.com, a domain registered in 2000 with development in mind, […]

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Alert: See.com is currently a stolen domain – Do not buy

Mike Loucks is familiar with the headaches arising from domain theft; his business domain, See.com, was stolen in the mid-2000’s by an Iranian hacker. Back then, See.com was hijacked while at Network Solutions, using a bit of social engineering. Loucks, whose immediate family are lawyers, used these resources to quickly reclaim the domain. He moved […]

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