PornHub domains: Rare #UDRP loss in decision

The PornHub trademark is world-famous and Licensing IP International S.à.r.l., operators of the mark, rarely loses a UDRP case. This time, the culprit was the domain, a portal or “hub” of “porn games.” Note: The web site is full of explicit content. The Complainant alleged that the domain is too close to the PORNHUB […]

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Typo-domains can be huge money makers when parked with PPC providers. In the case of, the domain was registered in 2007 and was parked with adult content and PPC ads, originally at Sedo. The visual confusion between Pomhub and Pornhub, the adult content monolith, led its owners, Licensing IP International S.à.r.l., to file a […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : #PornHub won UDRP using “common law” mark angle

Exactly one year ago, the Covid-19 pandemic sent people staying at home and away from social activities, at a global scale. The unprecedented effects of the pandemic still continue to affect our day to day interaction. PornHub, a porn industry behemoth, took wind of the opportunity to reach out to its fanbase and loyal users, […]

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Three times a charm: #Pornhub brand squatter loses another #UDRP

A Pornhub domain cybersquatter has lost his 3rd UDRP in a row, this time for the typo-domain Having lost the UDRP for Pornhub.CO and, the inevitable happened, and the Complainant filed another UDRP. In his response, the Respondent asserted that they should not be targeted, if others are doing the same: “The major […]

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#Pornhub typosquatter paid a small fortune for #domain but lost the #UDRP

The typosquatter of a Pornhub domain paid a small fortune to acquire it. The registrant of alleges he spent 7,241 EUR in late 2018 to get the domain in the aftermarket – about $7,946 USD. In the ensuing UDRP filed by Licensing IP International S.à.r.l., the Respondent claims that he forwarded the domain to […]

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#Trademark on top: The buyer of just lost $72k via the #UDRP process

Pornhub is one of the biggest destinations of adult content on the Internet, and they have trademarked their brand, operating from the matching .com domain. In 2010, the domain was registered, and the domain apparently changed hands in 2018. In the ensuing UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum, the Estonian Respondent stated that they […]

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Pornhub : Domain gets airtime on national television

If you frequent web sites like Pornhub, we don’t judge. But if you intend to have your web browser displayed on national television, better prepare for the consequences. A Greek national TV (ERT) report, covering the launch of an anti-fraud web site,, ended up unveiling the browsing practices of whoever owned that computer. The […]

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Launch of Pornhub Records web site comes with a $5,000 prize

The launch of a record label by adult industry giant, PornHub [NSFW], was made official yesterday with the launch of PornHub Records. Operating from the newly registered domain name,, the new music label is launching a music contest with a $5,000 dollar prize. No, you don’t have to strip down to your birthday suit […]

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