Took 22 years for to be professionally developed, and Silk milk paid for it

Sometime in the summer of 1995, domain names transitioned from free, controlled and limited requests to paid registrations of $100 dollars a pop, pre-paid for two years. In August 1995, was registered by Gary Almond, who spent money every year since, renewing the domain. For 22 years, has been the repository of Mr. […]

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Domain industry transitions : Sevan Derderian moves to

Domain industry veteran, Sevan Derderian, has moved onto a new venture with The former Director of Sales at Uniregistry, will be leading a domain brokerage team for Trellian, the mother company of As brokerage director, Sevan’s role will be to oversee domain brokers on the platform. Sevan will be stationed in South […]

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Chinese domain sales report : Trademark law soon to change in China

In China, more than 2,600 trademark cases were heard by the Beijing High People’s Court between 2002 and 2009. In 2014, the court heard nearly 8,000 such cases. Meanwhile, more than 7,500 cases were filed at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court in 2015. More than 73% were related to trademark infringement. Domain investors in China […]

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Taco Friday fails as order of 4 dozen gets “a-hole” response at Torchy’s

A bunch of employees were looking forward to a fun Friday with plenty of tacos to go. So they ordered four dozen tacos from Torchy’s in Denver, Colorado – that’s 48 tacos for those of you that failed to do your multiplication tables in grade school. That was for 18 guys and gals over […]

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Care and share : Uniregistry rolls out “pay it forward” domain registrations

Uniregistry rolled out a “pay it forward” option for domain registrations, allowing domain investors to donate their Topcoin cryptocurrency to the next customer in line. “Record sales during Q1/2017 allows Uniregistry to shift substantial cryptocurrency funds, from our digital vaults in Berlin, Hong Kong, Moscow and the Cayman Islands,” said founder Frank Schilling. “The pay […]

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Google complaint : UDRP removes ɢ domain from Russian registrant

Vitaly Popov isn’t happy; the Russian registrant of ɢ just lost his domain in a UDRP. Google Inc., the 800 pound search engine gorilla was the Complainant in this case, at the National Arbitration Forum. According to the UDRP, Google raised the following issue: Complainant offers a wide range of Internet-related products and services, including […]

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NamePros & NameThreads data mining : Most members not in favor of scraping domain sales

An innovative software product by, seeks to provide a better search engine for domains for sale at NamePros. The third party service is not affiliated with the domain forum, and describes its mission as follows: “Easily search all the domains for sale in We have well over 100,000 domains in our database. Domain […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Single letter domain controls some pretty LONG tail ones

When it comes down to short domains, is above ultra-premium; both single letter AND of the “Chinese premium” variety. Whether it’s worth seven figures or more, it’s impossible to assess, as it’s owned by mega-corporation, CenturyLink, formerly known as Qwest Communications. The domain was created in 1999, after at least 7 years of […]

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Make Trump Tweets Eight Again .com : Have some fun with the President’s twitter account

Donald Trump’s presidency provides plenty of opportunity to the media and content creators to stage opinions and explore creative ways of protest. While the Donald Trump organization safeguards negative terms about Donald Trump, there is a vast range of opportunistic domain registrations available. One such domain is that provides a web browser plugin that […]

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Fadi Chehadé : Former ICANN president’s legacy lives on

During his tenure as President CEO of ICANN, Fadi Chehadé became involved in the successful roll-out of the TLD Registry program. The end result: hundreds of new gTLDs were introduced to the world, creating an entirely new dynamic in the domain market. ICANN now holds onto millions of dollars in cash reserves, thanks to the […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved., among disputed domains after sale of assets to PGMI

Penthouse Global Media Inc. (PGMI) acquired Friend Finder Networks‘ adult-themed, intellectual property assets for $6.5 million dollars, including Penthouse. The deal closed in March 2016 and included more than 1,000 adult domain names, eight of which were allegedly transferred to the new entity “by accident.” The list of domains includes and, that generate […]

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Domainking.NG : Police report asserts “terrorist angle” to Indian registrar’s activities

Domainking.NG, a self-styled domain registrar asserting to be Nigeria’s top choice, is in trouble; its founders were arrested by the Pune city police early in February, accused of a variety of charges. The company’s founders operated Domainking.NG from Punjab, in India, and the local police is now taking a “terrorist angle” to the charges. According […]

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