Donuts Platinum Domains: Interview with Matt Overman

Donuts, Inc. is the biggest operator in the new gTLD namespace, with 238 gTLDs in their domain portfolio. We interviewed Matt Overman, VP and GM of Aftermarket and Premium domains for Donuts, Inc. The main focus of this interview: Donuts Platinum Domains. DomainGang: Matt, what are the Donuts Platinum Domains; give us some more details, […]

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Guta : Domain brokerage selling exclusively, the domain brokerage company founded by Chinese investor and entrepreneur, George Hong, scored another exclusivity., a top tier, generic domain name, is being brokered by Guta exclusively. The seller and current registrant appears to be a Chinese individual located in New Zealand. George Hong announced the availability of on social media, and […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : The Castello Brothers’ former domain gem

DNJournal broke the news about being acquired by BrandIT, for an undisclosed sum. While this exchange involves a fully functioning business that includes officers, employees and inventory, the domain has an interesting side-story. was sold to the domain brokerage by the Castello Brothers a few years ago, for an undisclosed amount. We […]

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Father Domainicus and the surge of premium domain names

Greetings and salutations, my domainer brothers and sisters – this is Father Domainicus, on a fine Sunday before Memorial Day. In recent months, I have been withdrawn to cater to matters of our Domain Church, but rest assured that I am diligently working behind the scenes for the benefit of our great domain investor community. […]

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Embrace the : Domain upgrade for “The Future Project”

The Future Project, a company based in New York, appears to be the buyer of the ultra-premium domain, We reported its sale just a few days ago, noting that the domain seller appears to have been Chinese. The buyer of upgraded from The company owns several other domains with the “future” keyword, […]

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Premium .Games domains : What is the pricing?

Yesterday we brought you details about the upcoming launch of a Rightside gTLD, dot .Games, in September. There is massive potential for end-users, when it hits General Availability on September 21, and without a doubt some domains will carry a premium price tag. We reached out to Rightside in order to get more details on […]

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Worldwide Media lands ultimate ‘joint ventures’ gTLD domain!

Worldwide┬áMedia, Inc. is a large domain portfolio holder, operated by domain investor and attorney Michael “Mike” Berkens, who operates the popular domain blog The Domains. Mike is actively involved in the research and business development of new gTLDs, as the co-founder and Managing Director of Right of The Dot, along with Monte Cahn. The release […]

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Iris : Domain *still* not for sale – Please stop asking!

Jamie of DotWeekly churns out lots of interesting discoveries daily, about domains that have been sold to corporate entities or brokered by major domain venues. But it doesn’t stop there. Through all this digging, some gems turn up on occasion, and some are funnier than others. One of these, is the domain name; without […]

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David Clements at Brannans: Call to sellers for premium domains

Ever since David Clements took over the family business project, the assets brokered via his newsletter include premium words and geo-domains. November’s newsletter presented some great opportunities for domain investors to get discounts on these premium domain names. David Clements has now sent out a reminder call for domain owners in need of his brokerage […]

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Outcome Brokerage scores premium domain

Outcome Brokerage, the domain brokerage outfit led by Ryan Colby, has added one top notch domain to its roster of exclusives. After scoring and, it’s time for to be made available. A truly premium domain, would find application in real estate, ecommerce, affiliates and anything that might involve competitive bidding. Exclusive […]

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Nigerians favor .com over the national ccTLD dot .NG

According to data coming from the Nigeria Communication Week, corporations in Nigeria don’t use their .NG domains, if they own the .com already. Despite efforts by the local authorities to promote .NG domains by corporations and businesses, the cost of changing from an existing TLD such as dot .com prohibits quick adoption of the ccTLD. […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. – Addressing a typical premium domain name inquiry

Bill Sweetman – the original Name Ninja – has created a funny ‘cartoon’ video visualizing the annoying inquiries domain owners receive for premium domains. Living in a lowballer’s world is tough, and this particular video captures the spirit of such inquiries domain investors receive – some of which are in the $50 dollar range for […]

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