German integration : 1&1 + Sedo = More domain sales

Sponsored by Sedo.* Sedo and 1&1 Internet are joining forces, despite being already conjoined under the same corporate umbrella. Sister company 1&1 will be offering more than 18 million domains from the Sedo marketplace, to its customer base of 16.75 million. How is this done: By using the SedoMLS, the web’s largest domain name distribution […]

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Sedo MLS expands to Wawa, 7-Eleven, other convenience stores

Faced with an expiring contract with GoDaddy and its TDNAM domain marketplace, Sedo is upping the ante for its high-acclaimed SedoMLS initiative. “We wanted to reach out to the domain consumer, when they are more inclined to buy products, and after careful research we found the perfect venue,” said Sedo VP of Public Awareness, Rudy […]

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Dave Evanson, Sedo’s top “sales dog”, just announced that the three letter .com domain name has been sold via the SedoMLS system. The price: $100k. Said Dave: “Just co-brokered through SedoMLS at GoDaddy for $100,000. Congrats to buyer and seller!!” Definitely a great set of letters for a three letter .com, and yet […]

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Father Domainicus: The end of Sedonism

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus with a special Sunday message. You are probably aware of the pitiful results produced by the unlikely cooperation of two industry monoliths, GoDaddy and Sedo. The blessing of this union, called SedoMLSDaddy, created chaos and misery not unlike that of the Apocalypse […]

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Big Data Pricer: Sedo owns the .com – thank goodness!

Yesterday, we broke the news of Sedo rolling out a brand new interface for adding domains to one’s portfolio. A feature called “Big Data Pricer” automatically attempts to tag a price to the domain, based on a secret domain evaluation formula that calculates its worth. When we tested it at 7:30pm eastern yesterday, the Big […]

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Sedo rolls out new interface to add domain names

Sedo has launched a new interface tonight, that enhances the existing method of adding domains to one’s account. Clearly geared towards promoting the SedoMLS – standard and premium – the update adds an extra step to the existing process. Once you enter your domains in the box, the following message appears: “We recommend setting Buy […]

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German company NIVEA buys 10% of Sedo – Expands SedoMLS into facial moisturizers

With more than 125 years of experience in skin care and one of the world’s most modern research centers, NIVEA is a powerhouse on the Internet as well. Acquiring 10% of Sedo sounds unreal, by all means. NIVEA, a sponsor of Domainfest, provided moisturizing cream to the domainers that shaved their heads for a good […]

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