Domain appears to have been sold using the concierge service

The domain was registered in 2004 by Mr. Evan Wagner. According to records, the registrant is an independent contractor specializing in cable TV plant design. Mr. Wagner also worked at AT&T as CAD Operations Manager for its Broadband division, before moving to Comcast—quite an impressive resume. Techdd stood for “Technical Design & Drafting” […]

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SquadHelp AI becomes self-aware, launches new brandable domain marketplace

Darpan Munjal, CEO and founder of SquadHelp, rolled out the platform’s first AI-driven domain description creator mere months ago. The successful integration of ChatGPT with the custom-coded domain portfolio manager went through several versions, breaking out of beta on May 1st. Twenty days later, something spectacular happened. “At 11:32am this morning, SquaddlyAid was born. It […]

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Google Registry: .dad and .phd are harmless but .zip and .mov are dangerous!

Two weeks ago, the Google Registry opened the domain floodgates with no less than 8 new gTLDs: .dad, .phd, .prof, .esq, .foo, .zip, .mov, and .nexus. You can read about who is being targeted with each new gTLD from Google and the news isn’t how these gTLDs should be used, but rather how they shouldn’t […]

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Domain rebranding: Buyer of flipped it for a nice profit

At the beginning of the year, the buyer of the domain name acquired it at an auction of expired .AI domains for the sum of $610 dollars. That sales amount seems to be a great bargain, for a popular, generic ccTLD that matches the “PDF” keyword. Indeed, the person who acquired just 5 […]

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Seven with Sedo:,, and more domains at this 3-letter auction!

The auction by Sedo that features 3-letter domains has started! Featuring LLL .com, LLL .net, and LLL .org domains, the week-long auction at Sedo takes place from May 18th to May 25th, 2023. From a total of 157 listed domains that are part of the Sedo auction, we picked 7 for this edition of “Seven […]

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GoDaddy not happy with Europeans having too many holidays

Almost a year ago, GoDaddy acquired by paying $71.4 million dollars; the Netherlands based start-up’s founders and investors cashed a big fat check in the process. There’s one thing that most likely wasn’t planned well in this acquisition’s particulars: European holidays. In Europe, state-mandated holidays extend far beyond Christmas, the only day that WalMart […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP ends with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

Valhallan LLC, the Complainant, filed a complaint against Casey Strattan, the Respondent, regarding the domain name The Complainant alleged that they had established common law trademark rights in the United States for the mark “VALHALLAN” and that the Respondent had no rights or legitimate interests in the domain name. The Complainant further claimed that […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. dropped; female name unlike any other, the domain name matching the female name “Evita” expired, dropped, and it’s in a DropCatch auction ending today. Evita is ranked as the 8,066th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 1,161. That means the name is quite rare, according to stats provided by We personally know […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Brand squatter uses the same sales pitch

When you squat on brands with a serial pattern you are a serial cybersquatter. The UDRP involving the domain name exposed a domain investor’s practice of registering .XYZ domains of existing brands and offering them for sale, with the same sales copy. The Chinese Respondent lists these infringing domains for sale strategically below the base […]

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#Sedo : Domain sales report | May 16, 2023 — sold for $25,000 dollars

Sedo domain sales report: Top sale is that of that sold for $25,000 dollars. Welcome to the latest domain sales report by Sedo; this time we cover the sales week ending on May 16, 2023. This information has been provided by, kind sponsors of DomainGang. The Sedo marketplace sells great domains 24/7 providing […]

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Scum of the earth: review reveals drama behind expired domain name

A negative review about left by a Trustpilot visitor doesn’t hold back: Scum of the earth. This harsh review is directed at the registrant and seller of a domain, previously owned by the reviewer. The full review reads as follows: “Scum of the earth. Steals the domain of my name that I’ve owned since […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. heads for the chopping block?

Vice Media Group, known for popular websites such as and Motherboard, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday. The goal is to facilitate its sale to a group of lenders. This move comes after facing financial difficulties and experiencing the departure of top executives over the past few years. The bankruptcy filing is a result […]

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