Is the #Domain King “just nuts?”


In the entire domain name industry, no one is more well-known than the often outspoken Rick Schwartz.

The Domain King spearheaded the domain industry’s growth by rolling out the TRAFFIC domain conference in 2004.

Since then, Rick has rebooted his franchise with the Asheville Meetup – an event that will happen again in 2020. Rick Schwartz’s recent announcement of Rick.TV is yet another sign that he’s far from been retired.

So is the Domain King “just nuts?” 🙂

Many think so, because Rick’s doing things in a way that can be controversial, and many domainers don’t want to understand that Rick’s vision and conventional wisdom often breaks the norm, or reminds people of their obvious mistakes.

The truth is that the Domain King is empowering domain investors to define their own path, and save them time and money by making mistakes he made in the past, such as the infamous acquisition of

With all that in mind, it comes as no surprise that the Domain King’s latest acquisition is the domain

The DropCatch auction ended at $1,850 dollars according to NameBio, and while this might be peanuts to the well-off domain investor, he’s very selective at what he acquires.

Said Rick on Twitter:

On average I buy only 1 or 2 #Domains a month at this stage. My price range is usually under $2000. There is seldom anything in particular I look for. When I see one I like, I bid. Most days I see nothing of value so I buy nothing. Last #domain purchased was JustNuts(.)com

Before the domain expired and dropped, it was owned by a British importer and broker of seeds, spices and nuts, called PBA Brokerage.

Yes, Rick Schwartz is “just nuts” but in a smart kind of way!

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