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Why does eNom allow ‘DomainNotices’ spammer on their network?

There is nothing lower than domain spammers; the filthy, low-life scum that scrape WHOIS information to send out fake notices and other spam. These phucksticks often operate from rogue domain registrars in Asia, but a particular one is using eNom. Known for its “Domain Notices” originating domain, this particular mofo utilizes WHOIS Shield protection, a […]

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Domain Spammers : Volume 1

There’s nothing lower in the domain food chain than spammers that scour the WHOIS info of domain registrants and send them junk email. Even when the target domain is under WHOIS shield, these scumbags mass-mail their wares – ranging from cheap web services to fake SEO and domain renewal claims. We’re starting a new service […]

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Someone is selling the entire domain WHOIS database – all 160 million records of it!

By using the WHOIS tools provided by the domain Registries, one agrees not to extract data and use it for commercial purposes. But who gives a rat’s ass, right? With more than 350 gTLDs available, the total number of traditional and new TLDs exceeds 160 million domain names. Some ‘smart entrepreneur‘ is currently selling the […]

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.PW Registry addresses recent explosion in spam emails from .PW domains

Donesh Laher, Cyber Security Analyst for the .PW Registry and Directi, is addressing the recent coverage of spam originating from .PW domain registrations: Hello All, We are aware about the spam-outbreak and have spent the past month and a half by undertaking a massive cleanup initiative. We have not waited for the Registrars to investigate […]

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The Un-Professional Web: Dot .PW – Spammer’s paradise

An onslaught of spam emails are currently making the rounds, originating from recently registered .PW domains. While the Palau registry promotes .PW domains to stand for “professional web”, it appears that the opening of the ccTLD to the masses at low prices, invited several spammers. Such spamming .PW domains that are used to promote “smokeless […]

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Domain Name Forum plagued by nasty spam and bad jokes

It’s sad when a forum that was launched several years ago as an arena for domain professionals, has been almost completely annihilated. Plagued by spammers that constantly bombard its “Domains For Sale” and “Domains Wanted” sections with spam about iron golf clubs, DomainNameForum.com looks nothing like the image that Japanese domain investor Satoshi Shimoshita had […]

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