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Uniregistry Market : Just weeks away, says Frank Schilling

The much-anticipated Uniregistry Market was swiftly demoed by founder, Frank Schilling, during NamesCon 2016. Despite a funny glitch during the demo, everything looks to be on track for its release. A note sent by Uniregistry along with this month’s PPC payments stated: “We are now just weeks away from the reveal of the Uniregistry Market. […]

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Uniregistry : Uber driver makes a fortune selling Frank’s domains

Who said you can’t make money domaining while on the go? The proliferation of cab alternatives such as Uber and Lyft, has led many domain entrepreneurs to think outside the box, seeking additional residual income. Simon Pauper, a domain investor from Los Angeles, makes a killing selling domain names to his Uber clients. “At first, […]

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Uniregistry Market : A window to a portfolio of 500,000 reserved domains opens!

Uniregistry announced its reserved domain marketplace opening today; aptly named: Uniregistry Market. Interfacing with at least 25 Registrars currently, the Uniregistry Market creates a distribution network for a little over 500,000 domain names that were previously reserved. Vern Jurovich, Chief Operating Officer at Uniregistry, told us that the current lot comprises of the North Sound […]

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