: Domainer-friendly law firm,, beats UDRP

Bold Limited filed a UDRP against – a domain registered in 2017. The Respondent was represented by, and attorney Ari Goldberger. is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. The Complainant asserted rights to the domain, based on the following trademarks: Complainant registered the RESUME-NOW mark (Reg. No. 4,687,640) on February 17, 2015, and […]

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WIPO director : “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”

WIPO director, Stan Domainowski, did not mince his words in a recent meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. “I want to make it clear to domainers who end up receiving UDRP notices for domain names: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” When asked to clarify this extraordinary statement, Mr. Domainowski […]

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ESQwire successfully deflects UDRP on behalf of Respondent

Bagley Argentina S.A. of Buenos Aires, Argentina claimed it had rights to the BAGLEY mark, when it filed a UDRP against the domain Registered in 1999, the domain belongs to Ltd. of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – the Respondent in this case. The Complainant asserted its rights stem from a Mr. Bagley, way […]

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UDRP defense against : A typo of ‘Credit’ – Three member panel agrees!

If you plan to apply for a trademark, make sure it doesn’t sound like a typo of a commonly searched, generic term. A three member panel at the WIPO agreed that the domain does not infringe on the Complainant’s mark, CEDIT. According to ESQwire, the domainer-friendly law firm representing the Respondent: “The Respondent registered […]

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Domain crime : Three more domains were stolen, from a Chinese domain investor

A domain investor from China has reported that three of his domains were stolen, and moved away from an eNom account., and are now in the hands of cybercriminals, who stole them and transferred them to Dynadot. Domainer-friendly lawfirm,, has been retained to enforce the rights of the domain owner; in […]

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Domain companies to be grateful for : ESQwire

It’s almost 2016, and this is the best time of the year to send out our sincere thanks to companies in the domain industry that stood out above the rest, for the products and services they provide. After being grateful to, DomainTools, and Uniregistry, it’s the turn of ESQwire. The domainer-friendly lawfirm has been […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Formerly stolen domain has been recovered

In April of this year, we reported that the premium, aged domain was stolen from its legitimate owner. At the time, Mr. AJ Alfieri-Crispin, shared the agony of witnessing the domain disappear from his registrar account in the course of 25 minutes. The owner’s Odyssey ended about a month ago, when the 3rd District […]

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In recent weeks, the Brooklyn Brewery Corporation of Brooklyn, New York, launched a barrage of UDRP filings against several domain holders. The UDRP cases for, and were terminated without further info, presumably after being settled. is still pending a decision, and both and were ordered to be transferred to […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Three letter domain saved from the clutch of a UDRP, an aged, three letter .com domain was saved at the WIPO after International Electrotechnical Commission of Geneva, Switzerland filed a UDRP against it. Represented by, the Respondent asked for a three member panel to deliver a decision. According to the UDRP: “Amongst other things, the Complainant is the owner of Swiss Trademark Registration […]

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ESQwire : Reverse Domain Name Hijacking ruling for client and

The domain name was challenged in a UDRP filed on June 15, 2015. The Korean Respondent was represented by, a domainer-friendly lawfirm. For a domain registered in 1997, the Complainant, iPayment, Inc. of Westlake Village, California, claimed exclusive rights to the “IPAYMENT” mark it asserted to hold since 2001. In an interesting twist […]

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Five UDRP wins in July : Domainers, time to clean up your domain portfolios

ESQwire achieved a remarkable feat in the month of July: in 30 days, five UDRP cases were successfully defended by the domainer-friendly law firm. What we have here, are 5 cases involving generic dictionary word domains, two word domains, “e” generic word domains and a four letter domain. That’s almost like a typical variety of […]

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ESQwire successfully defends UDRP against aged three letter domain

A UDRP brought against the owner of the domain name has been successfully defended at the National Arbitration Forum. The Respondent is Vertical Axis, represented by the law office of Ari Goldberger – It’s inconceivable that a domain registered 15 years ago, according to DomainTools, would have to be defended against National Automotive […]

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