Sedo domains : Let’s be adult about it, during the European Summit

Sedo is reaching out to domain investors that own adult-themed domain names. By that, Sedo means premium gaming, gambling and adult domains, and intends to promote these domains in a unique manner. Sedo will be attending the European Summit in March, where select domains will be presented to the visitors. Here’s how it will work: […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. WHOIS back to the Domain King® : Did the buyer fail to make payments?

In September, our exclusive report that the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, had sold was confirmed by DNJournal, where the selling price was quoted at $1,368,000 dollars. Without any doubt, it was a price that matches the value of popular, adult industry terms, such as videos in the “XXX” realm. Since then, was pointed […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : Does it matter that it hosted adult content?

Domain investor, Rick Schwartz, announced the sale of the domain yesterday. The current, 1998 registration sold for an undisclosed amount, potentially including royalties, according to Domain Investing. This great new “joint venture” by Rick Schwartz has an interesting past, that its new owners didn’t seem to mind. According to DomainTools historic WHOIS, was […]

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Domain Name Sales : Rick Schwartz sells !

In what could possibly be the biggest domain sale by Domain Name Sales yet, Rick Schwartz has apparently sold the adult domain, The 1997 registration has been held by the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, since at least 2001. was parked with Domain Name Sales since 2011, before Frank Schilling’s sales and parking outfit […]

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New Statesman : ICM Registry gTLDs amount for a “huge proportion” of online porn

An article at the New Statesman about age verification implementation on the Internet, asserts that ICM Registry gTLDs account “for a huge proportion of online porn.” The article references dot .XXX, dot .porn and dot .sex, leaving out dot .adult for some reason. The article’s claim that the ICM Registry commands the majority of online […]

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Most Wanted Domains .com goes dark – Adult.Domains launches

Within 48 hours of the tremendous domain portfolio sale of 70,000 domains by Worldwide Media, Inc. to GoDaddy, the changes are already rolling. First and foremost, a list of 106 valuable LLL .com domains is now listed on Afternic; each individual domain seems to carry a minimum offer of $10,000 dollars. Expect these domains to […]

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Domainers : Make time for some .Sex today

The Internet’s obsession with adult content isn’t new. Since the dawn of online time, the adult industry provided plenty of seeding to the Internet’s economy. Many had asked for adult content online to be segregated, and the official launch of dot .SEX achieves that. The ICM Registry, managers of adult-themed gTLDs, .XXX, .Adult and .Porn, […]

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Father Domainicus and the Domain Church of .XXX, .Adult, .Porn and .Sex

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus, returning from a long sabbatical. On this fine Sunday eve, I would like to bring your attention to the subject of pornography in our Congregation. Many members of our Domain Church often raise the question: “Father Domainicus, should I invest in pornographic […]

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NSFW : Adult web site sells for five figures on Flippa

The auction for a not safe for work web site has ended on Flippa, after feverish bidding in the final hours, just as we predicted. It took a total of 68 bids and a large number of comments exchanged between the seller and interested parties, for the auction to complete. Sex toy drop-ship web sites […]

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Flippa NSFW : Sex toys web site makes $6 grand a month

If you’re not bashful and want to make some money from the lucrative adult business, this adult, not safe for work domain and web site sale on Flippa might be for you. Note: We had to pixelate the image used in the Flippa auction to pass the strict family-friendly guidelines governing our informational publication. […]

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Horny domainers register adult domains following the sale of

Throngs of apparently horny domainers are registering adult domain names en masse, following the sale of by the Domain King. The sale of for $8,888,888 was 88 cents short of a perfect sale consisting of all “8” numbers. At least 485 “porno” domains were registered today, according to Verisign, managers of the .com […]

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Rick Schwartz breaks the scales with sale of Porno .com domain for $8.88 million dollars

Congratulations to Rick Schwartz over his sale of for a reported $8,888,888 dollars; clearly, a domain sale of epic size. Rick’s strategic acquisitions of porno domains paid off handsomely over the years; the Domain King keeps a stiff grip on other priceless adult domains, such as: – A domain registered in 1999 and […]

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