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On our way to $100 Million: Exclusive interview with Flippa CEO, Dave Slutzkin

Flippa, the Australia-based domain and web site marketplace, has achieved a remarkable growth in revenue and sales during the past 18 months. According to company projections, Flippa will surpass $100,000,000 in sales within the first quarter of 2013; a feat that will further solidify its position as a trading venue in the domain aftermarket. Dave […]

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Sedo offices are open today

On Friday, we incorrectly assumed that Sedo would be closed today, Monday. In fact, Sedo offices are open today, unlike their very early closing of business on Friday. If you have ongoing transactions you are more than encouraged to contact Sedo, as they are definitely open and very much in business. 😀

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Francois drops Flipping.co from his domain inventory

Francois Carrillo, proud operator of Domaining.com has dropped the domain Flipping.co from his inventory of web sites and domain portals. Integrating different niche markets under the CAX.com umbrella, the French entrepreneur decided to let Flipping.co drop a while back. And that’s a smart decision, as Flippa.com – the Australian marketplace for buying and selling domains […]

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Adam Dicker launches ShowcaseManager.com

Popular domain forum owner (DNForum.com) and veteran domainer, Adam Dicker, has announced the launch of a brand new domain marketplace, ShowcaseManager.com – with ZERO commission with regards to sales. In an email, initially sent out to Exclusive members of DNForum, the new domain marketplace’s benefits are explained as follows: Showcasemanager.com brought to you by DNFORUM.com […]

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False Alarm: CAX auction domains were not stolen, after all

A domain seller on CAX.com on a long vacation caused Francois Carrillo to tag the domains as stolen and removed them from the auctions. It seems that while there were elements of serious suspicion, they could all be explained – had the seller been reachable. Francois sent out this email earlier – which we provide […]

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Domainer buys his own domain at Sedo

The new Sedo marketplace is a modern wonder of domain inventory;  with more 15 million domains it’s a miracle that everything runs smoothly and with precision for its 1.5 million account holders. Or does it? In a remarkable incident last week, Boris Skuraski from Poland – a well-known domainer and mass development entrepreneur – somehow […]

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