Microsoft and NOKIA announce formation of MiNOKIA Corporation

Markets jumped following the announcement of the $7.2 billion dollar acquisition of Finnish cellphone manufacturer, NOKIA, by Microsoft. NOKIA stock was up more than 30% while Microsoft was dealt a drop of 5% as investors were anxiously awaiting the details of the NOKIA acquisition. “We are forming a new entity, MiNOKIA, and plan to converge […]

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Microsoft announces Windows 8 release date: 10262012

Microsoft today announced the exact date of release for its latest and greatest operating system, Windows 8. The newest Microsoft OS is notorious for bearing the ugliest logo ever to leave the corporate stable of Microsoft. Regardless, Windows 8 will be released on Friday, October 26, 2012. The domain is still available, according to […]

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More trademark violations listed for sale at Flippa

Earlier today we demonstrated how – the Australian domain marketplace – remained inactive after we pointed out how a Microsoft related domain was allowed to be listed for auction. The response by the Flippa support that they won’t do anything to remove obvious violations of famous trademarks unless they receive a request by the […]

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Flippa encourages auction of Microsoft Trademark Domain to continue

It surely comes as a shock after Australia based openly encouraged the auction of a trademark domain. We are not talking about small fries here; this is not some reference to a keyword of a generic nature but rather, that of almighty Microsoft. A seller put the domain name for sale on Flippa. […]

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Bada-Bing! Microsoft leapfrogs Google with $8 billion purchase of Skype

It’s the biggest tech acquisition of the decade: former ‘evil corporation’ Microsoft is forking out close to $8 billion dollars in cash and debt payments for Skype. The audiovisual software that Skype offers to millions of online users, will be a useful sidekick to Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Integration of Skype has always been appealing […]

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Microsoft search engine Bing pledged up to $100k to a fund supporting the Japan quake and tsunami victims. Their press release was rather straightforward, however their tweet asked for retweets priced at $1 each. How you can #SupportJapan – For every retweet, @bing will give $1 to Japan quake victims, up to $100K. A […]

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Microsoft gets hacked!!!

Microsoft, the giant software publisher has just gotten hacked. Don’t go rushing to to view some strange page though – that’s not the type of hack we’re talking about. In the language of domainers, a “hack” is a clever way to shorten a word or phrase to its shortest possible or practical manner. An […]

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