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Polyphemus: New ‘one-eyed’ gTLD service from Frank Schilling

With the expected proliferation of new gTLDs, new consultancy companies are popping up daily; the rate is exciting for the angel investors of the Silicon Valley. Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry is apparently moving to a brand new building in California; the extra space is much needed in order to house all of the 54 gTLDs that […]

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Epik statement by Mike Mann

Domain investor, Mike Mann, does not mince his words. The never-sleeping author of “Make Millions and Make Change“, is known for his sharp and often edgy statements about politics, the economy and other industry companies. This time around, Mike attempts to describe Rob Monster, CEO of Epik. In a Facebook post, Mike Mann stated: “Rob […]

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Separated as toddlers, two brothers reunite thanks to Domaining.com

Domaining.com – the popular aggregator of blogs related to the domain industry – can now claim another first for its ever-expanding list of trophies. Meet Rob and Bruce – two domainer bloggers who were unaware of eachother’s existence – until that fateful day that Domaining.com listed their blog entries stacked on top of eachother. Busy […]

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