Alert : is a stolen domain name!

The domain is now officially stolen, and its owner wants everyone to know he did not put it up for sale. The domain thief is attempting to circumvent secure domain transaction venues, such as, and is seeking payment for via Bitcoin. That’s an indication right there for a sketchy deal! Mr. Gerard […]

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Warning : is NOT for sale; someone is impersonating the owner

The domain is not for sale, yet someone who claims to be the owner is seeking a broker to sell it on their behalf. Valuable three letter domains can fetch a high premium for brokers; using a third party to broker a domain that belongs to someone else can get domain brokers in very […]

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NamePros : PayPal refunded payment linked to fraudulent domain sales

Quite unsurprisingly, PayPal refunded payments for domains that were fraudulently sold, but not those sent as a “gift.” A massive new fraud incident that was squashed at NamePros, unveiled some interesting facts: About 80% of all fraud that has taken place on NamePros over the past couple years, which is still a relatively small number, […]

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Domain theft : Should you wait to report your domain got stolen?

Domain theft is a serious crime. Investors losing domains to cybercriminals in elaborate hacking incidents or phishing attacks, have a narrow window of opportunity to respond. In the past, we’ve covered cases where domain names were identified as stolen weeks and months after the incident. Typically, the delay is due to the owner’s lack of […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Confirmed to be a stolen domain name

The domain name has been confirmed as stolen, after its legitimate owner was contacted for further details. Eagle-eyed members of NamePros raised their concerns about the validity of statements regarding, in a domain evaluation thread. Someone claiming to have acquired for “less than $500” at a drop, used the domain hijacking method […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : NamePros locks down appraisal thread on suspicion of domain theft

NamePros locked down an appraisal thread for the domain, on suspicion of domain theft. The domain changed hands unexpectedly, less than a week ago, after, a domain controlling its Registrant and Admin accounts expired, and was re-registered. This is a classic example of domain hijacking, and the person who opened the appraisal […]

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FBI : Russian criminals, FSB agents behind massive Yahoo! email breach

The FBI is currently holding a press conference, announcing the indictment of Russian cybercriminals linked to the Yahoo! email breach in 2014. Four defendants were charged with a number of crimes, one of which was arrested in Canada. Said the FBI: “If you illegally target US citizens & American companies, you will be identified, pursued, […]

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Krebs on Security : Russian servers hosted domains used to phish for iPhone info

Renowned security expert, Brian Krebs, shared information on a massive phishing scheme targeting iPhone users. With the help of at least 146 domain names, the Russia-based criminal ring attempted to steal credentials from users whose iPhones had been stolen. “Victims of iPhone theft can use the Find My iPhone feature to remotely locate, lock or […]

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Bad domain karma : NiRA pulls the plug on Nigerian registrar, DomainKing.NG

Nigeria’s Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has pulled the plug on DomainKing.NG, suspending its services. The Nigerian registrar with direct ties to India, has been the focus of an Indian police investigation, after its founders were arrested earlier this month. On top of fraud allegations, potential ties to support of terrorist activities are under investigation. After […]

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DomainKing.NG : Indian company’s Nigerian customers in limbo for two weeks

DomainKing.NG, allegedly the top domain registrar in Nigeria, has failed to provide basic support to its Nigerian customers, for the past two weeks. Based in Punjab, India, two of DomainKing.NG’s officers were arrested earlier in February on a variety of charges. Pune City police arrested the DomainKing.NG founders on fraud charges, but the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism […]

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Domainking.NG : Police report asserts “terrorist angle” to Indian registrar’s activities

Domainking.NG, a self-styled domain registrar asserting to be Nigeria’s top choice, is in trouble; its founders were arrested by the Pune city police early in February, accused of a variety of charges. The company’s founders operated Domainking.NG from Punjab, in India, and the local police is now taking a “terrorist angle” to the charges. According […]

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“Small time domain broker” : A new name for an old disease

Domain spam is a disease, and serial spammers are seeking new introduction lines, getting more creative. As there is no certification about domain brokerage, just a loose definition of activities performed by a middle-person, domain spammers are now taking advantage of that. A recent flow of domain spam now uses the term “small time domain […]

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