: Charter Communications guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Charter Communications filed a UDRP against the domain; the latter, is a domain registered in 2010. Long before Charter acquired Brighthouse Networks and rebranded to Spectrum and, the Respondent of this UDRP used the domain for web development services: “Respondent asserts that it has legitimate interests in the disputed domain because Respondent used […]

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Florida company seeks class certification in lawsuit against GoDaddy

Ventures Edge Legal PLLC, a Florida business legal services company, is seeking class certification in pending litigation against The company asked an Arizona federal judge last week to be given class certification. Since 2014, allegedly failed to tell consumers that the Office 365 Business Premium plan it offered was a “watered-down” version of […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Company misrepresented case in UDRP against 1998 domain

A company went after but failed to disclose important facts about their communications with the Respondent. The 1998 domain registration was challenged at the National Arbitration Forum by Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting, LLC. It’s apparent that they wanted this exact match acronym, and in 2011 they inquired about the domain. According to the […]

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Allstate.Claims UDRP : “Make a reasonable offer at current market prices”

The registrant of Allstate.Claims got slapped with a UDRP by the Allstate Insurance Company; in a cheeky response, the Respondent stated: “Based on this complaint, this Complainant would be filing a complaint if ANYONE owned 645 other domain extensions that pertain to the word “Allstate”, such as Allstate.Actor, Allstate.Academy, Allstate.Accountants, Allstate.Ads, Allstate.Africa, Allstate.Apartments, Allstate.Architect, Allstate.Art, […]

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StayFree .XYZ : Edgewell spent thousands of dollars to get $299 domain

The world of corporate logic operates on its own distinct plane, and Edgewell, owners of popular brands for the personal hygiene market, seems to follow that paradigm. One of the brands by Edgewell is Stayfree, a series of female hygiene products: “STAYFREE pads have a long heritage of being an innovator in the sanitary protection […]

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WTF? Guy named Maindron loses own family domain,, in UDRP was just lost at the WIPO, after a French company alleged rights to the mark MAINDRON. The extraordinary fact of this UDRP: the Respondent’s own name is Michael Maindron. FLM (Maindron Group) of Treillières, France claimed that it has rights to the MAINDRON mark since April 4th, 2016. They allege prior use of the […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP lands RDNH finding for Respondent

The domain was challenged at the WIPO, and the Complainant got slapped with a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding. Registered in 2006, the domain was among 161 domains that the Respondent “came up with,” hand-registering them after he found no active marks. The Complainant is a Singapore company that owns and manages the “ONE […]

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Fusion.TV : UDRP against domain raises PPC issue once again

The domain Fusion.TV, a parked domain registered in 2010, was challenged in a UDRP. Fusion Media Network LLC is the Complainant, alleging that their mark for FUSION TV and FUSION RADIO gives them exclusive rights to these keywords. Complainant, operates a multimedia platform that provides news, information, and social commentary to a young, diverse audience […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : Generic word investing a legitimate business, says panelist

The UDRP against the domain, failed at the WIPO. Registered in 2003 by an Italian domain investor, the domain is a dictionary word in Italian, meaning “bigots.” A company from Romania, Graftex Prodcom SRL and Graffitti – 94 R.B.I. Prodcom S.R.L. filed the UDRP on the basis of trademarks from 2001 and 2003. The […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. domain lost to Latvian underwear company via UDRP

New Rosme SIA of Riga, Latvia, managed to wrestle away from its Barbados-based registrant, in a UDRP decision. The Complainant alleges use of the ROSME mark in underwear, since 1952 in Latvia and other Baltic countries, with a Madrid System trademark registered in 1998. That mark, however, is a design mark in stylized print. […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Expired GoDaddy domain regained via the UDRP process

In 2016, Rolls Wine forgot to renew their domain,, and it entered the GoDaddy expired domains inventory. An enterprising Chinese investor scooped the 1998 registration up, and wanted $10,000 dollars for it. The former owners, that operate a wine import business, offered $2,000 but the registrant declined; a UDRP was thus filed. Michael A. […]

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Marlboro + Marijuana domain = UDRP

Marijuana domains attract many domain investors, and there is substantial evidence that mainstream tobacco companies will be 420-friendly in the future. Capitalizing on this, some “enterprising” fellow registered, an obvious amalgam of Marlboro and marijuana. Unfortunately, such blatant trademark use is frowned upon, and the tobacco giant promptly slapped them with a UDRP against […]

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