Virgin.Yachts : Florida LLC domain taken away in UDRP

It seems that Virgin Enterprises Limited of London, United Kingdom, seeks exclusive rights to the term “VIRGIN.” A UDRP against the domain Virgin.Yachts ended with a loss for the Respondent, Virgin Yachts LLC of Dania Beach, Florida. The company registered the domain in 2016 and has been using it as a redirect to, their […]

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Double Dutch : UDRP ends in refusal of transfer

The registrant of was hit with a UDRP 13 years after its registration. The term “mijn domein” stands for “my domain” in Dutch, and another Dutch company that registered the mark in 2016, attempted to make the domain theirs. The problem seems to arise from the fact that in 1999, the Complainant registered the […]

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Domainers seek to revive lawsuit against Google, claiming term is generic

Two men who registered hundreds of domains containing the “Google” keyword, asked the Ninth Circuit to revive their case that was dismissed at an earlier stage. The argument is that “Google” is so commonly used, that it has become a generic term, meaning “to search the Internet.” They are seeking to render the Google trademark […]

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Zions Bank lost UDRP brought against the domain

Banking giant, Zions Bank, has won 27 UDRP filings against infringing domains; it lost one against the domain The Respondent in this UDRP at the WIPO, is a “John Mike” of Karachi, Pakistan – which might or might not be a pseudonym. The domain was registered in January, and apparently Zions Bank monitors new […]

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Chinese registrant wanted $30,000 dollars for BBB ccTLD

The Chinese registrant of sought to get $30,000 dollars from BBB Cycling, a Dutch company. The latter, filed a UDRP in order to get the domain: “The Complainant is a worldwide leader in selling high quality cycling products, with more than 1,500 products across more than 40 different product categories sold in 48 countries. […]

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The UDRP against, a domain owned by Future Media Architects, was decided at the WIPO. Registered in 2004, the domain was challenged by French company Harow of Paris. They operate from Complainant is a French design studio that has registered a figurative mark as seen below: Surprisingly, Future Media Architects did not respond […]

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ESQwire wins UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum

Winklevoss Technologies LLC filed a UDRP against the domain, which was registered in 1999. According to the UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum, the Complainant has rights to the WINTECH mark based upon multiple registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) (e.g. Reg. No. 2,145,935, registered Mar. 24, 1998). The Respondent […]

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The domain was hit with a UDRP, as the Complainant, Well-Link Industry Co., Ltd. of New Taipei City, Taiwan, asserted they have rights to the WELLLINK mark. That’s three L’s in a row, and the domain was registered in 2005, while the mark in question was registered in 2010. There was no response […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : Yours and mine are two different things

A company using the mark ORDER MY OIL went after the domain, claiming that the mere substitution of the words is infringing. Wes Madan / United Oil Heat, Inc., d/b/a filed the UDRP at the National Arbitration forum. The company claims common law rights, in other words, there is no registered trademark. Ironically, […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : Afternic agreement on trademarks means nothing!

The panelist handling the UDRP against, delivered a shocking decision, handing over the 17 year old domain to the Complainant. In this case brought at the WIPO, the Complainant is Connecting Open Time, LLC of Lewisville, Texas, that adopted and first started using the OPENTIME trademark in or about November 2014, when it launched […]

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TwitchStarter : Amazon lawsuit ends bot-selling business on Twitch domains

Amazon, owners of the Twitch broadcasting network for gamers, filed a lawsuit against seven bot makers, last June. The defendants have been selling software that artificially boosts user viewer numbers on Twitch; the lawsuit alleged that the Twitch bots degraded user experience, tarnishing its brand by making it “harder for Twitch users to discover legitimate […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : No win for the Complainant, no RDNH for the Respondent

Dividex Management, LLC of Westwood, Massachusetts, attempted to get the domain via the UDRP process. The domain was registered in 2002, and the Complainant operates from the matching .net. Complainant is the owner of the DIVIDEX mark, which was registered with the United States Trademark Office on April 19, 2016. The mark is associated […]

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