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Nepal.com domain traffic spikes after earthquake devastation in Nepal

The web site hosted on the domain Nepal.com is witnessing an apparent spike in type-in traffic, after a devastating earthquake flattened large areas of Nepal; thousands of lives were lost. It’s times such as this that one expects the matching country .com to be an official source of information, provided by the Nepalese government. Nepal.com […]

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Marathons, China and geodomains: UDRP against domain failed

There are plenty of marathon races around the world, and it seems these days several companies take advantage of a purely geographical term, that of the Greek city of Marathon. If anything else, Marathon – or, Marathonas, in modern Greek – should sue each and every company making use of its historic locale. Apparently, there […]

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Andes’ .HILL – The latest gTLD to be escrowed off for millions

Unlike the .Patagonia case that was successfully withdrawn, another geographical gTLD was auctioned off in escrow: Andes’ .HILL. The geodomain – or is it, geo-gTLD? – encompasses Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world, and a multinational organization was formed for the interest of the endogenous Andes’ people. “Patagonians are proud to have […]

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Geo domain traffic spikes: Visit Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport were founded in the early 1600’s in Maine, as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The quiet, picturesque towns are popular destinations among the young and older folk, who want to stay at a romantic place along the New England coast. And now, due to the notoriety of the Alexis Wright “Zumba […]

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Know your 50 dot com States

Ever wondered what is the status of one of the 50 US states as a .com? Here’s a quick and dirty guide on all of them. 😀 Alabama.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Alaska.com – Developed Arizona.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Arkansas.com – Developed (Arkansas Department of Tourism) California.com – Pseudoguide (For sale $5,000,000 asking price) Colorado.com – […]

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Iceland.com – What was 20th Century FOX thinking?

We’ve said it before: owners of geodomains related to major world events are depriving the world of an important service, when these domains are not utilized. Back in January, Acro made a point that Haiti.com should be used for the wellness of the victims of the disastrous earthquake that hit the Caribbean island of Haiti. […]

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