UDRP contains meta-baloney about Respondent’s domain

A lot of traction on the “meta” and “metaverse” trends have created ample demonstrated interest from global companies. Some are famously pushing forward with such entrance into the Web3 space, others are still holding off. Lack of action does not mean, however, that anyone can hop in and squat on famous marks, such as that […]

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Breaking: Meta rebrands as Facebook!

In a surprise move reversing its recent domain rebranding, Meta Platforms is reverting its global brand to its original name: Facebook. Citing paltry Q4/2021 results in terms of growth potential, Meta is switching back to the name most of its middle-aged users know it by. “I tried hard to convince the young crowds about Meta […]

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It’s the end of the year and the beginning of the Metaverse! A domain investor has sold the domain to “a great company in this space,” for the sum of $75,000 dollars. The sale appears to have completed on the DAN marketplace. Although the WHOIS is masked with privacy, we can easily assume the […]

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We’ve been taking a close look at HugeDomains and its inventory of “meta” domains, that carry remarkably reasonable prices. Whether one is a domain investor or an end-user looking for a domain to match their brand, HugeDomains seems to have an AI that prices their domains right. With regards to a recent sale of yet […]

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Media Options didn’t take long to sell the domain; one of the hottest keywords in the market, in a TLD that offers great exposure. Just days after announcing the exclusive brokerage of, Media Options founder, Drew Rosener, broke the news about the sale: Well that didn’t take long! is sold.  NOBODY does […]

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Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is known among his friends and peers as “Zuck,” a nickname from his college days. The Facebook founder announced the transformation of the umbrella company operating Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, into a metaverse platform called “Meta.” Operating from, the company intends to scale its operations beyond social media, into technology and […]

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Metaverse is the “meta universe” and while Mark Zuckerberg did not coin the term, it’s catching up thanks to the push by—the newly-formed umbrella company of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. The virtual environment that the Facebook founder envisions utilizes 3D avatars and participation via the use of smart goggles and other interactive devices. These […]

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December 2022: Biggest volume of “meta domains” dropping

The biggest volume of “meta domains” dropping is about to happen, as we are approaching December 2022. Thousands of domains that contain “meta” are expired and the 35-45 day deletion cycle is ongoing. Many are expected to delete before Christmas, to make room for new domain registrations that will help massage Verisign data. A year […]

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#Meta brand sunsets the .ORG; secures Twitter but not Instagram handle

Facebook moved the umbrella company to Meta, operating from the domain, all while individual app names remain the same. It will also move its FB stock ticker to MVRS on December 1st. Some say that the wolf got a new sheep’s clothing, but Facebook & Meta founder, Mark Zuckerberg, says the domain rebranding was […]

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