Two letter domain lands on China’s shores after 31 years

Two letter .com domain,, has changed hands and is now in the possession of a Chinese registrant. Previously owned by Ultimate Bet poker, this LL .com domain is one of the oldest in existence, with a registration date in 1986. It’s very rare to see such an old two letter .com domain, or old […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Heavyweight LL .com domain sold to Chinese buyers

Another day, another LL .com domain has been sold: moved to Chinese ownership two days ago. According to Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, was sold by domain investor, Jay Westerdal, and Domain Holdings was brokering it. Kirikos monitors the percentage of two letter .com domains, a premium genre, that’s in the hands of […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. domain changes hands in China; eight figure sale possible

The premium two letter domain,, changed hands in China recently, and it could be a massive sale. According to Chinese domain investor and broker, George Hong of, it’s quite possible that the transaction involved “eight figures:” “ switched hands lately in China. Someone thought it might be an eight-figure sale in CNY, what […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. is for sale and the price is in the millions of dollars!

Super premium, two letter .com domain, is up for sale. Aron Meystedt, the owner of, used it for several years for his personal, services-oriented web site, XF Investments. Meystedt recently rebranded to Registered in 1994, is being offered for sale for the first time ever. The price: $3.5 million dollars. Without […]

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Two letter domains : sold to the Chinese

Another day, another premium two letter .com domain headed to China. moved away from Hecker Law and into the hands of one of China’s biggest investors of such domains, Domain investor, George Kirikos, noticed the change and remarked about the latest stats involving LL .com domains: “By my count, Chinese registrants own 166 […]

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Two letter domain close to hitting reserve at NameJet

The two letter .com domain,, is being auctioned at NameJet, with a current bid of $500,000 dollars. It’s very rare to see LL .com domains being auctioned, as they are popular with the Chinese, often fetching seven figures. This one is being offered from the inventory of Internet Real Estate, the owned-domain branch of […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Ultra-premium two letter domain available to acquire

There are two letter domains, and then there is This 23 year old beauty of an LL .com boasts some extreme features, not found in your average two letter .com domain. For starters, it’s a word, and there are 112 two-letter words in English, according to Wikipedia, but that’s debatable; some of them are […]

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Chinese domain market sales : Red flag for China’s economy – changed hands

China‘s economy is driven by massive construction of property, but that’s accompanied by a 40% surge in household debt. Property values have soared in China, the world’s 2nd economy, after extensive mortgage lending has led to a large increase in credit debt. Many of these loans might default in the next 36 months, potentially sending […]

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Chinese domain market report : changed hands again

The Chinese domain market is about to replicate its glory days of 2015; last December is when LLLL .com domains peaked. China’s domain investors might not be using the same type of rationale behind their acquisitions, but their cash is as good as anyone else’s. With that in mind, we are witnessing an uptick in […]

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Chinese domain market report : WHOIS changed

China‘s hunger for short domains is insatiable; two letter  .com domains are by far, the creme de la creme of premium domains. Selling from high six figures to seven figures or more, LL .com domains are often acquired by Chinese companies. Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, keeps track of such domain changes, particularly when two […]

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Chinese domain sales report : Two letters, and more .CN rain with dozens of “Chips”

Communist Capitalism is not for the weak, and Westerners often fail to understand China’s unique financial model. Parts of China’s economy follow Western principles, particularly in Hong Kong and other major cities. Other segments of China’s economy fall behind, having to abide by Communist commerce principles. Overall, it’s confusing to many non-Chinese. The Chinese domain […]

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Chinese domain sales : LL .com among group of domains

The Chinese domain market has been slowing down for several weeks now. Early predictions for a glorious performance have yet to come to fruition, unfortunately. The problem isn’t the lack of Chinese domain investors, who remain active as ever, but the realization that the lack of end-user sales affects prices. We’ve seen that with the […]

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