Apple stock to skyrocket? Green light in iPad Trademark in China

Apple has settled a thorny trademark case in China, where it was impossible to produce and import the iPad – until now. For $60 million dollars, Apple acquired the mark from the Chinese company Proview Technology; this gives Apple the green light to proceed with mass exporting of the iPad to China. Proview wanted $400 […]

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Silly Chinese hacker obsessed with numbers

The Chinese obsess with numbers, and that’s a well-known fact. Anything from “123” to “888” has a special meaning to the Asian nation of 1.3 billion. This all turns to silliness, however, when a wannabe hacker from China attempted to log into our server: IP: (CN/China/ Failures: 1 (ftpd) Blocked:  Yes […]

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Sorry that we touched some sensitive chords!

It seems that we touched some sensitive chords with yesterday’s revelation that Chinese domain repository, is actively engaging in the fine art of trademark violations. Its understandable that one has to be supportive of their sponsors and all that good stuff, but to be referred to as “scandalous” and even “offending” is simply hilarious. […]

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Chinese auction site 4.CN is the new king of trademark violations

Ever since it changed its policies, Australian Domain marketplace, Flippa, has taken measures to disallow and remove trademark violations. The new king of obvious domain violations is now 4.CN – a Chinese auction web site that clearly shows the state of lawless anarchy in China, regarding intellectual property. For example, more than 90 “facebook” domains […]

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Domain theft report: unlawfully transferred to eNom

We received this report of a stolen domain, – and we publish it unedited. The story is scary, because the domain involved has a tremendous amount of traffic associated with it. Shame On Enom! My website domain name stolen, rank 1600+ in Alexa My domain name is,which is ranked 1600+ in alexa.The Biggest […]

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Did bow to Chinese cyber-extortionists?

The domain registrar,, is well known as an industry workplace with positive corporate culture. The employees don’t just have casual Fridays, they have beer on that day. It seems that a domain that was registered with sustained a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) on Thursday. The domain name is an online […]

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From Japan to China: New owner for 999 .com

The triple digit dot com domain,, changed hands recently via Sedo. Registered in 1995, the domain remained in the hands of Japan-based “Virtual Communications Corporation” for several years. In fact, the previous Japanese admin contact domain, was dormant since 2007 – according to The new owners are from China, a country […]

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About time for another DomainGang editorial. Shane Cultra wrote an interesting article a couple of days ago, about “the value of unique.” I fully agree, creativity comes at a premium and those that can churn out copy – per the old school approach – will always come on top of those that simply copy and […]

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Chinese spammers: We love blocking entire /16 networks!

We wrote before how the Chinese create a network of crap traffic on the Internet. We don’t want to speculate how things would look like if the Chinese government wasn’t blocking a lot of outgoing traffic to major networks outside of China! Luckily, the Great China Firewall is in place. Chinese hackers and spammers scan, […]

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Exclusive: The remarkable story behind the $138,000 sale of

The credit market is still healthy in far-away Australia, as the remarkable sale of proves. The new owner of, Roland B. Bleyer, is a partner of Credit World Australia – a credit card portal specializing in affiliate offers. The seller, Yinan Wang, is no longer working as an active full-time domainer and webmaster […]

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Some fail to entrust the power and flexibility of the dot net TLD but when a .net domain brings in six figures, it’s time to change your tune. was just sold for $138,000 in a private transaction via The owner announced the completed deal at – the premier domain name forum for […]

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I want to purchase all of your .CO domains

“I want to purchase all of your .CO domains” – that was the subject of a silly short email we received a couple of days ago from a person with a Chinese IP who did not provide a real name. The full email reads as follows: Hello guys, I want to purchase all of your […]

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