GoDaddy acquisition : Huge LLL .com portfolio of Worldwide Media Inc domains

Worldwide Media, Inc., the managing entity founded by domain investor, Michael Berkens, dominated the news yesterday. GoDaddy acquired a 70,000-strong portion of the Worldwide Media, Inc. domain portfolio, opting to leave out adult domain names and new gTLDs. It is obvious that GoDaddy, wishing to maintain a squeaky clean public image popular with small businesses […]

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From Paul to LinXiaoFeng : changed hands for $50 grand

If only George Kirikos would expand his domain research to LLL .com domains, it’d be covered in red Chinese flags. Currently, the Canadian domain investor keeps track of two letter .com domains and their ownership status. It seems that the three letter .com domain market is already tipping the scales on the Chinese side. Paul […]

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‘Bad letter’ domains : TKQ .com sold for five figures

There was a time that certain letters were considered ‘bad’ even within otherwise good LLL .com combinations. With the explosive expansion of the Chinese domain market, this old paradigm has long expired. These days, even Q, J and X letters deliver some solid sales. In a Sedo auction that ended today, the domain name […]

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What up?! saved from UDRP

With three letter dot com domains remaining as the de facto coinage, it’s no wonder companies still attempt to wrestle them away in a UDRP, as opposed to paying fair market prices for them. In a UDRP filed at the WIPO, the domain was challenged by a German company, Wengenroth und Partner. The owners […]

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Top tier three letter dot com moved away from Moniker

Recently, we covered the change in ownership of the domain name, which was used in the past by DNS by Comodo. The company rebranded to, letting pointed to its servers for a while. That message was removed recently, and was moved to Domain Name Sales, where it is listed “For Lease” […]

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The three letter domain,, not only comprises of quality letters, but it’s in the hands of an attorney, thus making it impossible to be challenged by companies that might hold interest in the mark, “SHS“. That’s the good news. The great news, is that the acronym stands for Scott H. Silver, brother of no […]

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Lowball offers on LLL .com domains now a crime

A new domain law that is part of the Obama healthcare plan has been passed; the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision on the “Obamacare” plan has now set things in stone. Provision 23.c of the Healthcare for all Americans states the following: “[…] Monetary offers in exchange for established three letter (LLL) dot com domain names, […]

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Three Letter .com sold for $159 – Is it possible?

These days, three letter .com domains – or LLL .com for short – form part of the domainer “hard currency”. Prices fluctuate not only based on age, letter quality and traffic, but also by some other factors that seem to not make sense at all. Three letter .com domains nowadays range from $4,000 to mid […]

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This is the 2nd installment in an open series about three letter .com domains that don’t seem to conform to the primary acronym they represent. Last time we talked about – this time around we welcome yet another “B” letter domain, Not sure how many among you recall the time of the Bulletin […]

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Engagement ring or an Decisions, decisions …

When Billy Rae Thomas was ready to “pop the question” to Sally – his girlfriend of two years – it wasn’t about diamond ring shopping. Billy Rae and Sally belong to the ever-growing category of domainer couples, young professionals that make a significant portion of their income from managing, developing and selling domain names. “I […]

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